Why Closer?

Imagine the world with no limits.

You always wanted to become a blogger, dancer, programmer, artist but never got the chance to get the skills or find a place to learn? You always miss your favorite music festival due to the daily routine you can't escape? Have you ever tried to be in two places at the same time? What if someone would tell you that now everything is possible?

Reach out to your pocket. Now you can find a place to play tennis and people to play with. Your favorite band is now being streamed from thousands of music fans directly to your application. Learn new skills, visit new places, get in touch with any facility in Luxembourg with Closer.

We build an application that offers a digitalized infrastructure of the whole country, and even your room. Closer gives you a secure cloud storage with *** Gigabytes of space. Find people who share your views and interests and get in touch. Your virtual guide will help you find the right place with the right people.



How did we make it possible?

Our team of software developers build an application with the complete infrastructure of Luxembourg.They granted the access to all public facilities, enabled a possibility for you to digitalize your own apartment, even to store all the application from your computer.

Integrated messenger helps you stay in touch with your friends and meet new people around using GPS allocation. With function of arranging events you can find more participants or visit events created by others.

No more spam in your social media with our new function that customizes the news from all your application and adds it to your morning alarm. Now you can iron your dress or shirt while listening to messages from your friends or agenda from your organizer.

Using modern streaming technologies, Closer gives you an opportunity to stream a concert directly from

your smartphone to millions of users all over the world, as well as watching streamed events.

There is yet more to come...